Rabu, 10 Juli 2019

4 Causes of Picky Eating Children that Parents Need to Know

Are you tired of cooking this, but children just want to eat that stuff every day? If this is the case, which parent is not worried about seeing the behavior of his son or daughter, especially worried that the child's nutritional intake is not fulfilled optimally.

Select-eating children are different from children who have difficulty eating.

In general, picky eating or also known as picky eating is a normal phase that occurs in the child's development.

Children are said to be picky to eat when they only want the same type of food almost every day.

As a result, the variety of foods eaten by children is very lacking because they often reject various types of food, especially those that are still unfamiliar to them.

But what should be understood, children whose hobbies are picky eat are not the same as children who have difficulty eating.

Children who have difficulty eating can also have a lack of body due to difficulty gaining weight.

There are a number of reasons that underlie the causes of children to be picky about eating.

Nancy Zucker, as director of the Duke Center for Eating Disorders, United States, revealed that the causes of picky children eat usually for some reason.

As a result, children may feel anxious when faced with new types of food, or forced to eat back food that they don't like.

Other causes that make children often picky eat are because of oral or oral motor problems.

This is what makes children tend to be more selective in choosing food, so they only want to eat that food.

Apart from some of the causes of picky eating children that have been mentioned previously, factors between parents and children also have their own contribution.

There are three different factors that are predicted to be the cause of picky eating.

Because instead of making children want to eat new types of food, this method actually makes children feel uncomfortable when eating.