Rabu, 10 Juli 2019

Lip Plumper For Thickening Lips, Is It Really Safe To Use?

Kylie Jenner's thick lips and sexy section are still a trend that some women idolize.

Not cheap and requires extra care to keep the lips still beautiful tempting.

Cosmetics that can be in the form of gel, lipstick, lip gloss, tint, or balm contain certain ingredients to strengthen and redden the lips to look full of teasing.

Plumper is applied, blood flow will increase towards the lips.

This extra blood flow makes your lips look swollen and reddish, so the effect is the same as after eating spicy food.

The glossy effect produced by a type of gloss or tint plumper can also reinforce the thickness of your "new lips".

However, the results of thick, shiny lips and "Natural" red from plumper will only last a few hours.

To get it back, you need to reapply it on the lips a few hours as needed.

In addition, according to plastic surgeon Lara Devgan, M.D., M.P.H., lip plumper is a new cosmetic trend that can irritate the lips.

Some of the wearers claimed their lips were injured after first using an electronic plumper.

In addition, electronic plumper can also cause dry lips.

Therefore, it is important to hydrate lips by using lip balm lipbalm after using any type of plumper.

There are other safer ways to strengthen your beautiful lips, namely by using shading techniques.

Apply it in the middle of the lips while forming a small V letter, apply it also under the middle lip.

This product is claimed to be able to stimulate the lips to produce more collagen to maintain the elasticity of the lips and prevent the appearance of wrinkles or cracks.