Rabu, 10 Juli 2019

Often Forgot People's Names But Remember His Face?

Maybe this is the reason
"What's the name? The sharp nose." You may have asked this question when trying to remember someone you haven't met for a long time.

Actually, what makes you often forget people's names, but remember their faces well?

The reason you often forget someone else's name, but remember his face.

Actually, what causes you to often forget people's names, but are able to remember their faces?

Meanwhile, the brain does not have a section specifically to remember names.

Names are examples of special words, not words that you usually use to compose a sentence.

This special part of the brain allows one to remember more about the face but often forgets the person's name.

Because, when remembering names with faces simultaneously, the brain has a different task.

Often do not remember people's names, indeed it is not too worrying.

After repeating the name, the next step for you to not forget is to try to associate his name with something else that is interesting or famous.

But, there are also people who have difficulty remembering faces rather than names.

Events often forget people's names but remember their faces are common.

However, there are also people who experience the opposite.

Do not remember someone's face makes it difficult for someone to recognize the face of someone who is known.

This condition occurs due to abnormalities or damage to the brain in the fusiform part of the face area or in the part of the brain that functions to recognize the face.