Rabu, 10 Juli 2019

Self Diagnosis: Diagnosing Yourself Is Dangerous to Health

In fact, some health sites provide a symptom checker feature that can guess what symptoms you are experiencing.

This triggers a phenomenon called self diagnosis.

The diagnosis you make from the results of personal searches on the internet can actually have an impact on health.

Diagnosis is based on symptoms, complaints, medical history, and other factors that you experience.

Self diagnosis is an attempt to self-diagnosis based on information that you get independently.

When diagnosing yourself, you conclude a physical or psychological health problem with the information you have.

A study in 2013 even found that among people who sought information regarding their health conditions, only half of them actually consulted a doctor.

There are some real dangers that can arise regarding the behavior of self-diagnosis.

The psychological symptoms that you experience may be the impact of physical health problems.

People who carry out self diagnoses may think they are experiencing a personality disorder without knowing there is a dangerous tumor in the brain.

The risk to health is even greater if you take drugs originally or undergo treatment methods that are not medically recommended.

Even if there are drugs that may not be harmful, taking medication incorrectly will not cure your complaints.

Self diagnosis can sometimes lead to health problems that you don't actually experience.

However, all the health information you get states that both of these symptoms indicate problems with depression and sleep disorders.

And convey all the concerns that you feel so that the doctor can determine the diagnosis correctly.